Driveway Snow-Melting Systems

Depending on the type of service you are looking for, there are various reasons as to why a commercial homeowner, tenants, landlords, or even property managers are looking for a quick and efficient way to clear stairs, walkways, driveways, and other access points after a snowfall or deep freeze. Snow melting technology has become more popular over the last few years, even though it has been around for approximately 25 years. You must take into consideration the following factors that pertain to snow melting technology.

Safety – One main advantage of using a snow melting system is that exterior surfaces consisting of concrete actually stay safer as opposed to using traditional methods to remove snow and ice. A snow removal system eliminates the need to spend time or money finding a contractor or maintenance staff to shovel or plow access areas or paved surfaces. There are no corrosive de-icers or chemical compounds that could tarnish or reduce the life of your pavement. The snow melting system can also be designed to automatically shut down when the snow and ice have been melted and cleared. Another huge benefit of this concept is that there is no salt or chemicals on the surface, which prevents people from tracking it inside from their boots into their home. We all know this causes an unnecessary mess that is a pain to clean up afterwards! This solution is also environmentally friendly, and does not harm grass once spring has sprung.

Know your Snow – There are two main types of installation if you choose to go the snow melting system route. The first one is a process in which uses a hydronic approach. Steam or hot water circulates through pipes that are installed below pavement level. The second process involves a slightly different route, it uses cables or coils to generate heat through electricity but still works just as efficiently as the first method described previously. These two systems share things in common such as: • Remote controlled, and also programmed by temperature to automatically turn on/off when ice and snow begin to form • A heating element that is embedded underneath the slab of concrete, driveway, etc. • Sensors to detect outdoor air temperatures and moisture • A power source for the system to operate on • A controller that connects the heating element with the power source and sensors needed to have the system work effectively These systems are created based on the specific needs of the job or area required to cover. Most companies will work with you or an architect to help decide what will work best.

Safe Steps – Having a snow melting system implemented where necessary will prevent people or designated staff from having to wait until a snow storm or flash freeze to clear paths, walkways, sidewalks, or driveways. This also means a safer step for anyone who is brave enough to embrace the cold and venture out during cold winter days or nights. The systems are also more cost efficient if used long-term. It is simply wonderful to have such a system installed as it also lifts a huge wait off of people who would typically be someone who would have to go out and physically shovel and ice these exterior surfaces by hand.

Make the Right Choice – When it’s time to decide what kind of snow melting system you are looking to implement it’s important to consider in particular what areas need to be free of snow at all times. If a gradual prolonged melting after a snowfall is acceptable, there is most likely not a necessary reason to implement such a system in those areas, as it would be considered a waste of time and money. A top-of-the-line system can be quite costly, and should only be installed where it is absolutely needed. The flexibility a system such as this offers is impeccable because you can operate the system with gas, electricity, or oil. Electric happens to do the job quicker, and the installation for that type of system is also known to be simpler. The heat-generating cables or coils can actually be laid into an existing driveway that would then be repaved with fresh asphalt. This is ideal for a driveway that is already worn and in need of repair. If you were to tear up a brand new or fairly new paved surface, the costs can get quite expensive, very quickly. Some people may think that having electricity from coils or cables running underground can be unsafe, but in fact the process could not be any safer. Although there are still people out there who will choose traditional methods over an advanced system such as this, the option is always there for those looking to conform!

However, if you do not see the installation of a new snow melting system in your driveway as practical, contact Lawn Masters Peel snow removal company to satisfy all your residential ice & snow removal needs.