Snow Removal Services In Mississauga

Lawn Master’s Peel is one of Mississauga’s leading landscaping service companies in South-Western Ontario. Not only do we pride ourselves on the services we provide from spring through fall, but we also offer an elite snow removal service throughout the winter for both new and existing clients. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have seen it all, and there is no job too big or too small for us to handle! We all know living in Canada that snow is inevitable, especially in our province. Our snow removal experts are here to save your back from breaking, your hands from freezing, and your feet from getting tired! We know that no one particularly enjoys the time of year where we have the shovels at our call and beckon.

We provide the option of setting you up with a complete coverage plan during those cold harsh months, or if you are looking for a one-time removal we are more than happy to assist you with whatever your needs are in particular. Our process is safe and efficient, we use salting agents that do not tarnish or destroy your driveway. We take pride in doing the job right the first time, and that is how we have successfully built our brand reputation for both summer and winter landscaping needs. We can assure you that you have nothing to worry about when you give Lawn Master’s Peel in Mississauga the responsibility of taking care of your winter snow removal needs all season long. Our goal is to make sure you are comfortable, happy, and satisfied with the quality of work we put forth to each individual client, both new and existing!

Generally, our snow removal services consist of two methods:

De-icing – This is considered to be the removal of snow, ice or frost from any given surface. Anti-icing is similar, but uses the application of chemicals that not only do the job of de-icing the desired surface, but can also remain on the surface for a certain period of time that actually prevents and delays the reformation of ice until it’s worn off. De-icing can be achieved by traditional methods such as scraping/pushing, or the application of heat by dry or liquid chemicals that actually lower the freezing point of water. A combination of these techniques are sometimes used depending on how severe or thick the icy conditions are. The form of these dry or liquid chemical agents can come in the form of pellets or flakes, and if it is liquid the solution comes in a variety of concentrations. Changing snow or even ice into water needs heat from the air, the sun, the pavement, or friction. Although the pavement may be below freezing, it actually holds some heat and can further assist in melting snow and ice. There are multiple factors that can affect de-icing techniques as well. Whether it is chemical concentration, time, pavement temperatures, weather conditions, type of road surface, volume of traffic, width of application (how much or little you used across a given surface), and most importantly the time of chemical application are all affecting factors in the process of melting snow and ice.

Salting – This process is slightly different from your typical de-icing method. Salting is naturally more environmentally friendly, but sometimes not as effective for big commercial jobs such as roads and highways. Road salting is effective with the proper plowing methods being used, and can actually reduce injury and accidents by up to 88%. Our residential services offer the same guarantee for anyone looking to ensure their driveway is safe for walking on all winter long. Slips and falls from unsalted sidewalks or driveways are always unforeseen. It takes approximately 25 minutes for the effects of salting to fully come into fruition. It does work in the same way as a chemical de-icing agent would in regards to the heat that salt gives off against ice while absorbing the hydration and diminishing the ice. The cause of salt melting ice is that the dissolved salt has a lower freezing point than pure water. When salt is added to ice, the salt dissolved into a film-like substance of water that sits on top of ice initially. Ice in contact with salty water therefore melts because of the lower freezing point, and gradually produces a puddle over time of salt and water, which eventually evaporates or soaks into the ground. There is a lot of science behind both procedures used for snow/ice removal. It is a matter of determining what works best for you and your home.

In conclusion, Lawn Master’s Peel is your number one choice for snow removal in the Mississauga and surrounding areas. We can guarantee it will be your first choice that comes to mind when you are considering hiring someone to take care of your driveway during the long winter season. We can arrange a date that works with your schedule, as we do understand that life does tend to get a little busy every now and again. We promise to complete the job quickly yet efficiently to the best of our ability. We pride ourselves on the importance and care of each individual task we are assigned to ensure that your property and you are taken care of with the highest level of satisfaction. We are not happy until we see a smile on your face!
Don’t hesitate to give us a call, we offer free estimates before we begin any job of any sort. Our estimates are always accustom to the level of difficulty, and time it will take to complete the assigned tack. With no additional charges or extra fees, you can’t afford not to give us a shout!